For 1.5 years I have regularly practiced eye contact without words with Niels, a method which in brief is that one looks deeply in each other’s eyes for an agreed period, and subsequently shares with each other what one has experienced during this process.


To experience such a different way of being seen with another type of presence, that many of us of  are not used to, but which in a relatively short time manages to give access to depths in ourselves, and an opportunity to be seen in the space without conditions of another person is a whole new experience .  If one dares to let go and indulge in the process one will experience a whole different way of feeling seen which is essential and which counteracts an existential loneliness.


This method can feel very unfamiliar at first, and can initially lead to a natural resistance, but with patience and persistence, one can get as much joy and quality of life in his everyday life out of method. I experienced a surplus that I could use to pursue my dreams and longings that had lingered for a long time, but which could now suddenly be realized with a deep satisfaction and enduring joy as a result.


I myself am now working on a coaching program, which I did not previously think was possible for me after many years of stress and accompanying anxiety and depression. This method in which we have been eye gazing  has led to a crucial difference in my life, it has  maked it possible for me to have an everyday life, where I am now able to move the focus much more quickly to what I want, if I occasionally get hit by mind and worrying thoughts. 

I am experiencing a growing joy, gratification and deep gratitude over the areas of my life where I have managed to manifest changes and unexpected results. I am proud of this, which gives me a deeply felt joy.



2018-10-02 17.48.01.jpg

The sentence that kept resonating in me after my first eye gazing session with Niels was: ‘When looking in the eyes of existence only Nothingness remains.’ The experience was unexpectedly magical, changing my perception of this 3D world and realizing, literally seeing, that what I always thought was true, was only a projection of the mind. The person dissolved and Oneness remained.



After eye gazing with Niels several times now, arriving in this blissful state is effortless and it stays with me afterwards for longer periodes of time. Niels is calm, sweet and wise. He creates the perfect peaceful space for a heartfelt connection with yourself and that is everything I could wish for.