Try it, it's simple!

  • Make a post on the Facebook page Eye Gazing - it's Simple with information about the time you want to eye gaze and where you want to eye gaze. 

    • We recommend using Messenger, Skype, Zoom or doing it in real life.

  • An eye gazing session is usually from 5 to 30 minutes. Agree on the length of time you choose to gaze.

    • Overall the results are better the longer and more often you eye gaze.

  • If this is the first time you try it, I recommend that you start with 5 to 15 minutes of eye gazing.  As you become more comfortable with the process, you can extend the time.

  • Set a timer

  • Sit down comfortably, facing your partner.

  • Initiate eye contact with welcoming and friendly eyes.

  • Relax the body, breathe naturally, be open, curious and present.

  • Eye gazing is a simple way to train yourself to be present in the moment.

  • If you get distracted, simply bring back your awareness to the eyes of your partner.

  • When the timer goes off you can both share your experience or just say goodbye.

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Ways to Eye Gaze:

1. Online eye gazing - as mentioned above from the Facebook page Eye Gazing - it's Simple

2. Face 2 face eye gazing - where you gaze in real life. Book this from the Facebook page Eye Gazing - it's Simple

3. Live eye gazing group meeting - A facilitator arranges an eye gazing meeting where a group meets to eye gaze. You get a random partner with whom you eye gaze for 15 minutes then there is 1 minute to share if you want. After that you change to a new partner, this is repeated 3  times. Try it here

4. Eye gazing café - An eye gazing café is a café where you can find an eye gazing partner.

5. Live coaching and eye gazing meting - a one to one eye gazing and coaching meeting with a facilitator. Try it here

Try it, it’s simple

Where and when

Be joyful