Eye Gazing and with a Facilitator

If you are not used to eye gazing or need support in your process, it is possible to book a facilitator for a session. You can go to my calendar and book a time.

Eye Gazing and Coaching with Niels

Who is Niels?

Born on a farm in southern Denmark, I spent most of my childhood outdoors, innocently connected to nature. But even with this wonderful connection, something was missing: I did not feel safe and seen by my family! I recognized the pain of not being seen and the feeling of being neglected.

Therefore in my life, it became important for me to see people. This meant that I spent most of my working life supporting people to get a better life and gradually believing that it’s possible for them to live their dreams.

The first time I experienced eye gazing, I was 14 years old. I drove with a tractor on my father’s land and a girl from my class drove past on her bike. We had instant eye contact. This eye contact was so profound that it left a deep impression in me, even when it only lasted 10 seconds. It was a moment I never forgot.

5 years ago, I met a teacher who reintroduced me to eye gazing, and I immediately knew that’s what I’m gonna do. Since then I have been eye gazing almost every day with great benefit to myself and others. Seeing people is simple.

Eye Gazing and Coaching with Bryony

Who is Bryony?

I grew up in England and came to live in the Netherlands when I was in my early twenties. I realize now looking back I was always searching for connection. I always looked people in the eyes and would feel joy (even if for fleeting moments) when someone, even a stranger on the street would respond to that and offer a moment’s recognition & connection. I had never heard of eye gazing until a few year ago at a retreat. It was a life changer for me and now I do it on a regular basis and it is one of my favourite ways to connect. It has been through eye gazing that I have experienced some of the deepest connections I have experienced with other people but also with myself. It has taught me so much about myself and I would recommend it to anyone looking for more connection and who wants to find out more about themselves.

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